Brunotti Beachcamp Junior

This summer, Surfschool-Katwijk is once again organising the Brunotti Beachcamp Junior. A surf camp in Katwijk aan Zee where participants surf every day, as well as experience many other cool activities! The surf camp is a day camp with a choice between 3, 4 or 5-day participation. This surf camp distinguishes itself through the wide array of activities to choose from, as well as daily surfing.

Do you want to sign up for the Beachcamp jr or are you looking for more information? Feel free to contact us.


Our target demographic are youths who want to learn how to surf, but also want to be introduced to other (water) activities. Apart from all the spectacular activities, you will meet new friends at your surf camp, you will be at the beach every day, and you will learn how to surf! Apart from surfing, we offer the following activities.

/  Rafting
/  Mega Sup
/  Supping
/  Power kitesurfing
/  Longboarding
/  Bodyboarding / Skimboarding
/  Archery Tag

Available dates and prices 2022

Age catagory 12 t/m 16 years:  11 - 15 July | 25 - 29 July | 15 - 19 August

Age catagory 7-12 years: 18 - 22 July | / 1 - 5 August

/  3 days: €169,50
/  4 days: €209,00
/  5 days: €245,00

Prices include::
/  3 Activities per day.
/  Lunch, snacks and drinks.
/  Materials used for activities.
/  Wetsuits

Registrations or more information, please contact us.


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/ Food and drinks

Being active all day of course takes a lot of effort and energy; for that reason sufficient breaks have been planned between the various activities. We also organise a joint extensive lunch daily, in collaboration with the local butcher and during the breaks tasty snacks are available. When the weather is fine, we have lunch out on the beach, if it is cooler, we use our interior location. The daily lunch, snacks and soft drinks are included in the price.

/ Location

The Brunotti Beach Camp Junior takes place on the Katwijk beach at Surfing School Katwijk. The surfing school is located at the beach pavilion ‘Beach’, a pavilion that is characterised by the very relaxed surfing atmosphere!

/ Numbers/Supervision

For the Brunotti Beach Camp Junior a minimum of 5 participants a day has been set, the maximum number is 20 a day. Each activity is supervised by (certified) instructors. Our instructors have a lot of experience and teach in an enthusiastic and pleasant way.

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