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We also organize kitesurfing lessons under the name of Kiteschool-Katwijk. Our IKO certified instructors have years of experience in teaching kitesurfing at various kite spots around the world, to many different kinds of students. Enthusiastically we’ll convey the passion for kitesurfing, keeping an eye on quality and competitive prices. You will get a lot of personal attention and we will take all the time for class. Kitesurfing on the open water with only the wind, a board and a kite at your disposal gives you a great feeling of freedom, it clears your head and you will live in the moment. Once touched by our sport it’s the only thing you want to do. Kitesurfing will continue to influence your life in a positive way. The beauty of our sport is that you can always make progress, at any level.



Type of lessons and costs

We have a simple and clear choice of private lessons of two hours or double lessons of three hours (you and another student). In a private lesson you will get more personal attention and you can make progress quicker. In a double lesson you can learn from your fellow student and it is less intensive. The double lesson can only take place if we have two students of more or less the same level.
Without any obligation you can decide at the end of the lesson whether you want to take follow-up lessons. No hassle with packages or other obligations. A single introductory lesson, multiple beginner lessons, advanced lessons, a refresher lesson, learning a particular trick, it's all possible within our two flavors of lessons. Of course students of all levels are welcome.
In consultation we can adapt lessons to personal circumstances. For example more people or more teaching hours.
From this season on we also teach kitesurfing on a FOIL board !!!! The experience of floating above the water silently is really amazing.

Structure of the lessons

We start by flying a small trainer kite on the beach. In the meantime we explain the theory of the weather forecast , the wind window and steering the kite. Once you control the trainer kite we quickly switch to an inflatable, larger kite, which we use for riding. We will discuss extensively the rigging of the kite, safety rules and systems (dumping the force), the launching and landing of the kite and the self-rescue.
You will learn to steer the kite slowly and to walk on the beach with the kite up in the air. As soon as you get it, we will go into the water and  start to steer the kite quicker so that we build up power which we need to go riding on the board later on. This is called Downwind Body Dragging . Then we will work on Upwind Body Dragging, returning to your lost board. Proper control of the kite is key before riding on the board.
As soon as the control of the kite is good, we will go to the board and teach you the water start, getting up. Now you will be making your first meters on the board. This is really wicked and unforgettable! Next step is more stable and longer kitesurfing rides.
Ultimately  you want to be able to kitesurf against the wind so that you can return to the same spot where you came from, called Holding Your Ground. At this level, your stance on the board, riding in the surf and traffic rules are being discussed.
After this we can teach you changing directions, called the Transition. Then it’s time for lessons in tricks, such as jumping and rotations. Finally, you will ready for our new FOIL lessons!

The pace of the lesson depends on your experience, progress and circumstances. To be able to kitesurf safely and independently requires an average of two or three lessons. Proper and consistently riding on the board takes about five or six lessons.

The two-hour private lesson costs € 125

The three-hour double lesson costs € 100 per person

The prices include the use of all necessary materials. Please pay cash or via our bank account after the lesson. Paying by debit card  is not possible on the beach. Cancellation is free of charge up to 12 hours prior to the lesson. Too late? Please pay a cancellation fee of € 25.

If you want to register for a lesson or receive more information, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Tel/Whatsapp: +31624957499 / Pieter


Kite lessons are given by Kiteschool-Katwijk and take place on the beach at sailing club Skuytevaert.

Click on this link for directions.

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