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Under the banner of ‘Kiteschool Katwijk’ we also organise kitesurfing lessons. We have ten years of experience in teaching various ‘board sports’ and our passion is sure to spread to you. Sailing across the open water in nature, with just the power of the wind, provides an enormous feeling of freedom, clears your head and gets your mind off everything! Once you’ve caught the bug, you’ll want nothing else, and it will be a positive influence on your life. Hang Loose!

Offer and prices

We will guide you in kitesurfing with enthusiastic, IKO-certified instructors and the latest hardware. This means you can learn kitesurfing independently and safely, so you are free to develop further on your own. This is one of the great things about kitesurfing; you can keep making progress at any skill level and any age.

We strictly adhere to safety regulations and exercises to make you feel comfortable in your further career in this breath-taking sport. We are not so much focussed on the short-term goal of being able to stand up and ride, although this unforgettable experience is an important goal. We are more focused on control, flying and landing the kite, safety aspects, self-rescue and right-of-way.
At the end of this course, we will IKO-certify you so you can show your skill level and will be able to rent equipment and take follow-up lessons anywhere in the world.

Our strength is that we mostly teach the participant using the same instructor, so you get full attention, and a ‘flying start’ to the next lesson because the instructor and participant already know each other. Groups are no bigger than two participants, so you get plenty of attention, but are also able to learn from another participant. Our instructors put themselves in their participants’ shoes and will teach everyone at their own speed. We build up the course according to the IKO plan, so everyone can easily progress at their speed. No stress!

The lessons are taught in Katwijk, seven days a week and with favourable weather conditions. In case of an unfavourable wind direction, we teach at another location. We will inform you through the WhatsApp group when the lesson can start. We depend on wind force, direction, tides and the weather in general. You can indicate when you are available, so we can adjust our planning accordingly.

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